Frequently asked questions


For those ordering gift cards


Can I return surplus cards?

Absolutely! Leftover cards can be returned and credited. The date printed on each card is the last date for returns. Do you want new cards with a longer validity period instead? No problem! However, we reserve the right to increase the price, which means that we have to invoice the difference. Send the cards to Delicard Group AB, 105 40 Stockholm (preferably by post) and attach information about whether you want a credit invoice or new cards.


What is the tax threshold for a gift to an employee?

500 SEK including VAT. Climate-compensated gift shipping (SEK 79/card) and other extra services should not be included.


Why is gift shipping charged?

Climate-compensated gift shipping (79 kr/card) is the amount you pay in advance for the recipient's delivery. The reason why the amount is reported separately is that it is not part of the value of the gift and therefore not taxable.


Can I contribute to charity through Delicard?

Yes!!! When you order a gift card, you can add an extra SEK 5 per card and we will match it. 10 SEK/card then goes to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. When redeeming the gift card, the recipient can donate the value of the gift to the Children's Fund or Min Stora Dag.


Is it possible to have a greeting or picture printed on the card?

Logo, image or greeting - anything can be printed! If we receive material from you, we would like it in eps or high resolution jpeg format. If you send your Delicard by email, you can upload images yourself and enter the greeting you want.


How long is a Delicard valid?

Every year in September we release new cards. The expiry date is always 16 months ahead, i.e. last January of year 2. The length of validity therefore depends on when you buy them. However, you can always return a card within the validity period and receive a credit or exchange it for a card with a longer validity period. The expiry date is printed on the cards.


Is the range of gift cards fixed or changing?

The product range is renewed every year. We then try to keep it as constant as possible throughout the year. In a few cases, a product may run out and we replace it with something that is at least as good, nice, functional, tasty or stylish.


Why is it 25% VAT on Unlimited and 0% on Unlimited Plus?

Unlimited consists of choices where the VAT always is 25%. Unlimited Plus on the other hand consists of choices with different VAT. As the correct VAT is unknown for us when we sell the card, it is sold without VAT according to the applicable tax regulations.


For those who received a gift card


Can I redeem my card if I do not have the card number?

Unfortunately not. So be careful with your card number.


Are the delicacies frozen or thawed when I receive them?

The goods are sent frozen (not cheese and chocolate) and may thaw during transportation. However, some goods may arrive unthawed. Thawed goods should not be refrozen.


Will the range change if I wait to redeem the card?

The range of products will remain the same with the reservation that some products may be out of stock. And remember that the card needs to be redeemed before the date indicated on the card.


How do I recycle the packaging?

The box is made of corrugated cardboard and is sorted as such. The foam material is combustible and is placed in household waste. Bubble wrap is sorted as soft plastic. The cooler is made of soft plastic and contains tap water with food-approved additives.