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It should be easy to make others happy!

We think you like it personal and without complication. Therefore there are different choices, and options, when you order your Delicard. If you have other wishes than the ones you see below, feel free to check with us. If we can do it, we will.

Premiumkuvert öppet

Delivery of gift cards 

You choose how you want the cards delivered. 
By mail to you as a customer or directly to your recipients. 
Of course, we can also send the gift cards digitally via email!


Layout / images / front page

You can have a personalized print on the inside of the cards.
If you want your own design for the cards, contact us for a quote (minimum 500 cards).



Choose between standard envelopes, premium envelopes or none at all.
If you wish, we will envelope the gift cards.

Webbild Unlimited Europe

Gift cards abroad?

If you want to send Delicard abroad, we offer Delicard Unlimited Europe. It works for recipients in most European countries. Contact us for more information!