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Our sustainability work

Working sustainably is no longer important. It is necessary. Together we must take responsibility for ensuring that we do not put unnecessary strain on the planet, society or the economy. Our sustainability work has developed over many years and we will of course never say that we are done with it. New challenges require and/or enable new solutions.

The company

We belong to the French group Edenred S.A., which has been focusing for many years on reducing its carbon footprint, reducing the consumption of water and other resources, developing services and products that are justifiable from a sustainability perspective. More information can be found here.

At Delicard, we focus our sustainability efforts on the three dimensions of social, ecological and economic. Below is a selection of aspects we work with within each dimension.

Social responsibility

green checkmark During the year, we run several charity campaigns where we support organizations. Examples of organizations we supported in 2020 were BRIS and Min Stora Dag.
green checkmark On our gift cards, we have an option for the recipient to donate the value of the gift to charity.
green checkmark Buyers of our gift cards can add SEK 5 per gift card which, together with the corresponding contribution from us, goes in full to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.


Envoirnmental sustainability

We can influence our environmental impact through product selection, transportation, distribution and our internal operations. Listed below are examples of activities to reduce our environmental impact:

We carbon offset the shipping of gifts to gift card recipients. This means that the climate impact arising from the transportation of the packages sent is compensated with investments in renewable energy. Through Atmoz Consulting AB, we select projects with great care to ensure that all projects meet the highest quality and deliver the promised climate benefits.
We are increasingly using unbleached, crumpled paper as filler in our packages. In just one year, we have tripled the number of machines that help us with this. This reduces our plastic consumption.
We have developed two additional packaging sizes to ensure that everything is shipped in the most optimized way possible. The Smurfit Kappa (ISO 9001 & 14001) packaging is unbleached and recyclable.
We are affiliated with Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen and pay packaging fees.
We cooperate with PostNord when it comes to our physical transportation. Read about their sustainability work here.
Our gift cards can be sent digitally and we email all our invoices.
To reduce the environmental impact of our offices, we have policies on business travel, IT equipment purchases and waste management.
We measure and monitor key indicators such as carbon dioxide emissions, waste volumes, transport and paper consumption.


Economic sustainability

We work actively with risk analysis in order not to jeopardize long-term financial sustainability. We are a credit-friendly company according to Bisnode's rating system (AAA). We evaluate our customers and suppliers through supplier assessments and choose well-known and established partners in the market.

Numerous collaborations

We continuously do campaigns to support various charities. In recent years we have been able to donate money to Bris, Min Stora Dag, and Sweden for UNHCR.

Min Stora Dag

Every year, hundreds of thousands of employees receive a Delicard Unlimited from their employer. As a Christmas present, summer gift or other incentive. All of them can, instead of choosing something nice themselves, donate the value of the gift to Min Stora Dag.

logo barnfonden


On the cards, there is an opportunity for the recipient to donate the value of the gift to charity. Barnfonden, which has been our partner since 2010, has until April 2022 received 5.4 million SEK. The collaboration continues, of course. 


Buyers of gift cards can donate 5 SEK extra/card and with an equivalent contribution from us, the money goes in full to Barncancerfonden. For 2021, the sum was 112,530 SEK and on the gift cards there is also the Barncancerfonden logo.